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Pengze Ecological Industry Park, Jiujiang, Jiangxi, China




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As the saying goes, sturdy grass resists gust and torrent breaks ice. In the face of fierce market competition, all the staff rises to the challenge and carries forward the spirit of forging ahead, working hard and pioneering in exploration to survive fierce market competition, achieve a sustainable development and build Heyi brand.   
A sanctuary of the divine heightens the mountain and a harborage for loong deepens the water. Our company always sticks to the business philosophy of catering for customers and creating a harmonious environment, views credibility as lifeline, gives priority to product and service quality and makes concerted efforts to build up reputation, create a brand image and take the lead in the pesticide chemical industry.  
All rivers run into the boundless sea and majestic mountains undergo historical vicissitudes. To herald a new era, we give priority to quality and integrity, make friends and enlist cooperation to develop into a leading enterprise and make a contribution to creating glory of China’s modernization.
Pengze Ecological Industry Park, Jiujiang, Jiangxi, China